Who is your hero

FEBRUARY 17 / Antony Nembhard

Often we inappropriately label those we admire from a distance as our heroes.  But the traits of a hero are:  being courageous, kind, humble and selfless.  These are characteristics that cannot be verified or associated with celebrities, sports stars or those in the media, because we do not know them.  We have no idea who is behind the mask once the cameras go off. However, everyday we are in the presence of our greatest heroes.  People that affect our lives in ways we have yet to understand. Those that will leap in front of a bus for us, hold us; when we are hurt, sad or experience heart break. Those that will wipe our tears and cast away our fears with boundless consideration.  Real Heroes  that make us feel safe and inspire us to be our best selves.  Take a moment to recognize the heroes that are in your life.