Attitude to Grattitude

FEBRUARY 25 / Antony Nembhard

Do you ever get upset when you have been asked to do something?  Do you ever feel that you should decide when things get done. Do you respond in ways that could be considered slight or disrespectful? Do you think why me? Why now? when you are in these situations,  because of course you have something better to do! This would be considered having a poor or bad Attitude.  Normally it stems from us thinking about ourselves; what we want at a particular time: instead of what we are privileged to have all the time. The Challenge for you is to add GREAT to your attitude and turn it into Gratitude.  Take a breath and find something good about each particular moment; something you should be thankful for.  If we really think about it, we have much to be Grateful for.  We simply take our way of living for granted.  Don't have attitude, show some gratitude!