Receiving and Saying No

OCTOBER 28 / Antony Nembhard

"NO" is a word that we often do not not like to hear and when communicating with those that are close to us we tend to not want to say it.  However, there are times when "NO" is appropriate and we have to ensure that it is communicated and received in the manner that it was intended.  When we say "NO" it should be firm and delivered in a Respectful and,  as the participants stated, a kind manner, to diminsh the possiblity of hurting someones feelings. On the flipside, it is difficult to accept "NO" when it is something we really want or feel that we deserve.  "NO" is simply an opportunity to do something else or a sign for us to be patient.  Approaching situations with the knowledge that "NO" could be a possible outcome could prevent us having feelings of sadness or loss when we hear it.  How did you say or receive the word "NO" this week?