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Both my boys thoroughly enjoyed summer basketball camp. Coach Antony did an amazing job helping them with their basketball skills and also making them enjoy school work. He presented school work in a fun way through games that they didn’t even realize how much learning was happening. Both boys definitely want to come back for the full month of summer camp next year!

Thank you so much



From day one until now-5th season, this program is awesome!! My son got the basic moves of this sport and always eager to learn. The coaches are all helpful. I recommend this program.....Life is like a ball!

Barry Chan


We love babsketball basics. We have both our boys in the program and have seen them grow both in their skills and character. This is one of the few programs that focuses on how to play the game as well as to be a good human being. The coaches are kind and very supportive. They encourage all players to excel. We are very pleased and proud to be part of the basketball basics family.

Maya Rajesan


I registered my kids so they will have a physical activity on the weekends. 1st day was a struggle as they don't like basketball. But after the 1st meeting with the coach, they've been playing for 2 seasons now as they enjoy the program. I am glad that the coaches are not just teaching the kids how to play but also how to become a good person. Highly recommended!



Our son had expressed an interest in joining a basketball league. He is 8 yrs old and only played on the playground at school and subsequently attended a summer basketball camp. His experience at camp was not what he had hoped, as the number of children was high and the focus on individual development was hard to facilitate. We discussed finding a program that would teach him skills and worry about the game side later. After doing some research on-line, we came across the Steve Nash Basketball Basics program. Being affiliated with a basketball ambassador of that magnitude, we thought it had to be a program that truly focused on the kids having fun and learning all aspects of the game. Our son agreed and he was excited to get on the court. We have been to two classes and are thrilled that he is enjoying it. The group sizes ensure that he is getting the needed individual time. The other aspect we all really enjoy and look forward to is Coach Antony's lessons he talks with the kids about and the importance of incorporating them into their daily routines. He, along with the other coaches, care about making all the kids better people and having that transition onto the court where they learn about basketball. We are looking forward to being part of the Basketball Basics family for a long time!

Dean Plosz


Basketball Basics is not like any other organizational sport my son has been in. The coaches are very knowledgeable about basketball and are able to teach the children the skills they need to grow into great players. The coaches make every child feel welcomed, unique and valued. My son has always been reluctant to try new things that he wasn’t sure he would succeed at right away. After joining the Basketball Basics’ program he has become a much more confident person not only on the court but in everyday life. I hope his love for the sport grows as he continues to play with Basketball Basics.

                                                                                                  Stephanie Soule


Our son has been playing a variety of sports for the past 4 years and the Basketball Basics program run by coaches Antony & Precious, along with their other coaches & staff is without doubt the best one we've experienced so far. The organization and creativity of the drills and techniques, the results of which show in game play at the end of each session as well as the positive spiritual aspects that are incorporated as homework each week are some of the key elements that make it so impressive. The fun the kids are having and the desire to eagerly return each week is a testament to how well it is received. We will happily continue to participate in this program and spread the news to others in the community.

                                                                                                Tammy Acquaviva


We were with another organization just prior to this and the experience with you guys has been outstanding. My son (and I), have had a totally different experience since joining your league. From the quality of the jerseys, balls, water bottles etc in comparison is definitely value for the money paid. The fact that you have child sized nets that work and coaches that arrive on time and ready to go is something small but something that is extremely important. The very first session I could tell you had coaches that cared, that understand children, and who want to be there. The lessons that are taught following the session are a fantastic idea. My son may not understand everything but he now understands what it means to be a team. My experience and my sons has been out of this world that I almost don't want to promote the program.... so this hidden gem can stay just that, hidden. However, I don't think I'd be doing others justice by not telling them, so I do and will continue to do so.

Thank you for a great and fun experience
                                                                                                 The Deonarine Family



When I started out looking for a basketball program for my son, it wasn't easy to find a quality educational program that is uplifting everytime you set foot in the gym. There are very few to say the least that can compare to what I have witnessed in my second season with Basketball Basics. To begin with kudos to Coach Antony and his amazing staff for going above and beyond to help every child who is either shy or feels that they can't do it. His staff ensures they feel confident in themselves and encourages them to do their best. In the end its a win win situation. One thing that sets apart this program compared to others is the inspirational and motivational message at the end of every game. The best part is the children are sent home  with "homework" to think about the message received at the end of the session . I love this part because it is life changing development and life skills they are taught every weekend. I truly enjoy it and always look forward to every weekend.

                                                                                                   The Williams


Coach Antony is such an inspirational coach. A true role model for our next generation, he believes in each and every child he coaches and it shows. His dedication to these kids is unfounded. Our son lives for basketball, everything is basketball to him. He inspires to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He dreams big, but lacks the confidence to believe in himself in everything that is not basketball. Every Sunday when he hits the floor ball in hand he comes alive, he exudes confidence and does so well he believes that he can and will be great. Coach Antony motivates and uplifts the children to believe in themselves and to believe that the sky is the limit, you just have to stay focused, committed and put in the work. We have signed our son up for his third session and he absolutely cant wait. Thank you Coach Antony.

                                                                                                 Miranda Reed


Our 6 year old showed an interest in Nash ball since he was 2 we were so happy to find your program in 2015.  Since attending the first session he isn't as shy , his confidence has increased and he has learnt how to dribble and pass.

Gord and Tammy Williams


Coach Antony, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and the team of coaches do for the kids in the program.  Basketball Basics is a program like no other, you help build confidence, self esteem, respect, and self worth all while teaching the basics of basketball.  You have truly developed an amazing program.  My son is in his second session, and he is loving it.  When he first joined he didn't believe that he could play any sport, he was afraid to try and he shied away from any team activity.  But now, he believes in himself so much more and he is not afraid to try new things.  So again, I thank you so very much for your unique approach on how to build up our youth.  I'm grateful to have found this program.

Michelle Walters


My daughter still continues to have  a great experience with Basketball Basics. Coach Antony is very knowledgeable and has a passion for teaching basketball to the kids. They focus on fundamentals, strategy and on creating a very fun and positive environment for the kids. My daughter comes home to practice basketball everyday and is always anxious for the following week to learn more. I would recommend this program to anyone who may be interested. You and your child/ren wouldn't be disappointed.

Charity. G


Thank you! I had a blast and can't believe it all must come to an end. Although it's not a total end but a start for a better understanding of basketball and more reasons for me to play it. I have notice even with the little things I do in my basketball career moving forward I see myself using what I have learned. I strongly believe in listening to learn to make sure your giving you're all. Taking it slow until you've done it with passion and meaning. Lastly that you try your best and nothing less. Giving your all not only shows your passion and willingness to be a team member and have that belonging in the community. But helps your family attain goals. I'm pleasured to be able to have gotten this opportunity and I will take everything with me moving forward. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Xo

Olivia T, former coach

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