Basketball Basics would like to Thank all of it's community partners whose generosity has enabled a child to particpate in our programs.




Community Partners

Basketball Basics is proud to have the support of the following Groups.



Financial Assistance

Finacial Support

Applications for financial support can be made by clicking on the links below

The Trevor Barton Foundation

The Trevor Barton Memorial Foundation provides publicly available monetary grants based on financial need to underprivileged youth athletes to cover the cost of organized sports and physical activity. Youth athletes and their families can apply for funding via the "Apply" tab at  www.trevorbartonfoundation.com, and  funds are provided directly to the leagues on each family's behalf

Canadian Tire Jump Start 

Canadian Tire jumpstart believes that "No kid should be left on the sidelines but in Canada 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports.  Jumpstart aims to change that"

Sponsor A Child

Positive Change for Tomorrow

Positive Change for Tomorrow

Basketball Basics is inviting community businesses to be part of the change.  We endeavor to deliver our program at a  cost efficient rate.  However, in our community there are families in various situations who simply cannot afford to participate.  We believe that community is a joint effort in collaboration and cooperation from all of it's members.  In this endeavor we are seeking buisness partnerships  willing to donate either monetary funds or supply equipment to help us maintian a low cost of operation. Contibuting to the less fortunate members of our community is an excellent opportunity for business' to share in  our Hope Basket by providing opportunites that may lead to a Positive Change for young people in our community.

Please fill out the Registration form or contact us at Basketballbasics@rogers.ca for more information.

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