Ages 4 -15

Basketball Basics challenges the athlete's ability to learn, hone skills and embrace fundamental basketball through age appropriate activities. Our programming is unique as we merge the ideology of Canada Basketball's Jr. NBA model with the experiences of our coaches.  Each session has been thoughtfully created to give each participant enough time to grasp the concepts as well as the opportunity to put Practice into Play.

Session Categories

Initiation - Ages 4 & 5 (Saturdays @ 10:00 AM)

Do you have a little tyke that's full of energy? Our Session for this age group is impactful and full of laughs. There will not be a Dull moment in this 10 week class. Participants shoot on an age appropriate rim. Incorporated games and activities ensure that the fun never stops. Parents are encouraged to bring their own indoor shoes as parental participation is sometimes required.

We are the best stop for your child's first experience on the basketball court.

Watch them in Action - Inititation


All Girls -   Ages 6 -12 (Sundays 11:30 AM)

All Girls is just that: Jr. NBA skills and drills in an environment of female dominance.  Participants are encouraged to do the best they can in a low pressure setting.  This fun packed session encourages confidence, sharing and challenge.  Girls ages 6-12 are welcomed to build skills, meet friends and develop into their best self.

Watch us in Action - All Girls

PeeWee -     Ages 6-8 (Sundays 11:30 AM)

Shooting on a regular Height Rim and incorporating general skills including dribbling, passing and shooting, our 6-8 aged participants learn the value of team work and individual development. Skills levels are met and challenged to increase individual growth.

Watch us in Action - PeeWee

Novice - Ages 9-10 (Sundays 1:00 PM)

This is for the more competitive player in this age group.  Eager to learn, eager to work and who already has a some skill and understanding of the the game.

Watch us in Action - Novice

Bantam -   Ages 11-15 (Sundays 1:00 PM)

Challenge your ability to learn, hone your skills while embracing fundamental basketball. This session for players ages 11 to 15 gives each participant enough time to grasp the concepts as well as the opportunity to put practice into Play.

Watch us in Action - Bantam

JR. NBA is designed to provide young athletes with fun, high quality and developmentally appropriate basketball training, programming and coaching as part of a holistic approach to long-term athlete development.  Each participant is challenged to reach his or her best as they learn and discover new found abilities in Fundamental Training