Basketball Basics Day

Support our Community

Basketball Basics Day is our biggest Advertising Event Ever!  We believe Basketball Basics is something Special!  It is a tool to Build, Encourage and Guide the young people of our community to Dream, to Believe and to Build a better world.  We are Willing our community to grow.  Help us by reaching out to those who surround you by giving them the opportunity to become a part of our Basktball Basics Community.  You can simply help by doing one of the following on Februray 20th as well as throughout the week:

1. Please have your child wear their RED basketball basics T-Shirt to school

2. Google Basketball Basics as many times as you can during the day.

3. Get your friends and family to do the same.

4. Give out flyers to your child's class, your neighbors and neighborhood businesses.

5. If you have a business, please promote us to your customers and clients

6. Talk about us whenever you can.

Together we can make a WORLD of Difference.