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Jr NBA (4-12)

Jr NBA is designed to provide young athletes with fun, high quality and developmentally appropriate basketball training, programming and coaching as part of a holistic approach to long-term athlete development.

All Girls Session (6-13)

Jr NBA tailored to the female athlete.  Fun, Impactful and quality development for the young female athlete.

Tots and Parents (ages 4 & 5)

Tots and Parents is a program introducing younger aged children to the basic concepts and movements of basketball.  It is taught using fun games and drills and may require the participation of one parent.  The progression of the class is dependent upon the participants and will become as advanced as the class allows.  Focus will be on becoming familiar with the ball, physical activity and teamwork.

House league

Basketball Basics House League incorporates learned skills within a game environment.  The focus is not primarily on winning, but on execution, teamwork and improvement of participation through knowledge of the game.  Participants are encouraged to use the knowledge and information learned through the skills session in game simulated situations.  (40 participants required)           Saturday's 12 PM - 2PM (ages 9-12) (Co-ed)  Ages 13 - 15 available by demand

Men's Drop In

Come join us for 2 hours of physical activity on Saturdays from 6-8.  Things might get a little competitive but it's all in the name of good fun. $100 for 10 weeks.  Rate will decrease for Winter and Spring Sessions depending on numbers. 

Shooting Camp

The Shooting camp program is designed for the player who wants to hone his/her shooting skills.  This program will take the player through the proper mechanics of shooting, quick release, elevation and how to obtain a consistent shot.  This program is of an intense nature and requires that the player has a good work ethic. 
Comptetitive Training

Competitive Training- training for the female / male athlete who trives to play competitive basketball.  A high intensity, high impact program designed to build an athlete's skill and basketball intelligence to allow them an opportunity to succeed playing competitive basketball.  Teh athelete should have the desire to compete as the regime is strict and demanding. 

Elite Skills (available on request)

The Elite Basketball Skills Clinic is for the female / male athlete who wishes to improve her/ his game.  It is an intense hour of drills and instructions aimed to provide physical conditioning, game awareness, improved defense and overall better game play. Interested athletes must be committed to practicing the techniques and instructions provided throughout the week.  This is a physically demanding program that puts the onus on the participant to improve.
Elite Skills is a 9 week program.  Each participant must be approved by the coach.

SAC - Sponsor A Child

PCT -   Postive Change for Tomorrow.
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Basketball Fit (available by demand)

A program developed for women 20 .  Stretching, cardio, plyometrics and fun.  This program will begin mid October provided there are a minimum 15 participants.  It will take place at 7pm on Saturdays.

Summer Camp 2019

Details to come.  We are expanding our Summer Camp to 4 Weeks.

Skills and Drills - Sessions that include fun and exciting games and drills designed to enhance development and understanding of the game of basketball.

Shooting Camp - All the basics plus focus on form, quick release and elevation

General Sports - An incorporation of sports that exhibit similar traits and movements to the game of basketball designed to contribute to the development of physical literacy and spatial awareness.

Elite Skills - A fast paced, high energy, all around skills camp designed for the basketball enthusiast.  Participants will need a good night's sleep to make it through this camp.



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