Who we are

Community begins with “I” and ends with “US” 

Basketball Basics is a not-for-profit organization whose focus is a skills fundamental development program for children ages 4-15.  The game of basketball is used as a vehicle to instil life characteristics, a sense of community and individual self-worth. Each participant is allowed to celebrate their own success as they Play, Learn and Grow through our program developing Skills, Character and Foundation for both Basketball and Life.

Basketball Basics is able to accommodate children of different age groups and skill levels by simplifying the game to its core elements.  Regardless of experience or age each participant is challenged to hone their individual skills.  Teaching methods include   a mixture of individual and group instruction to improve form and method. The learned skills are then applied in a progressive game that emphasizes FUN and TEAMWORK.

Basketball Basics House League emphasizes all the skills and techniques the children learn. This progressive game encourages an atmosphere of 100 percent effort and good sportsmanship at game speed.

Basketball Basics Principles

Basketball Basics aims to teach and expose its participants to the following life skills through sport:
Leadership - being the focus of a particular activity where others await instruction or direction
Conflict Resolution - learning how to resolve issues in a non violent manner
Work Ethic - setting goals and working toward positive results emphasizing progress as opposed to perfection.
Socialization - learning to collaborate and cooperate with others of different origins and backgrounds
Independent Learning - experience of working on your own to accomplish individual goals.
Healthy Life Style - a well rounded life style includes mental and physical activity as a daily regiment.
Fun - laughter is an essential key to living well.  As these children learn they find enjoyment in group participation and individual growth.