Our Story

Basketball Basics started in 2008 by basketball enthusiast, player and coach Antony Nembhard.  The ideology behind the program was to have a safe and fun environment where fundamental basketball skills were a staple.  He envisioned a program that would not only allow children in the community to enjoy being active but also one that would help them develop confidence, self-esteem and a love for the game of basketball.   

In 2009 a slim built 8 year old walked into our program, a referral from friends of Basketball Basics.  She was shy, intimidated and wanted nothing to do with basketball.  Her Mother, a former college player wanted her daughter to learn the fundamentals of Basketball in a safe and nurturing environment.  Unfortunately the thought of running around on a basketball court, much less with boys, was a daunting and unfavourable task to this young lady.  After some encouragement and assurances she quickly became one of the greatest lovers of the game.  It was a short period of time before it was communicated to us that this young protégé was spending hours on her driveway, trying to perfect the skills she learned at our sessions each week.  Consequently, her newly found desire and her fundamental development with Basketball Basics helped her surpass players with years more experience, when she joined a competitive program three years later.  Currently she has been selected as a Canadian Future Athlete with an opportunity to be a part of the Canadian Women’s Junior / Senior Basketball Team.

This story is an exemplar of characteristics and traits we try to instil in our participants in an effort to develop confident, success oriented and self-empowered youth.